26 February 2009

Dave in America - 11 - Visiting the house where I grew up

This is the house where I grew up. What bad things did I do there? How many bedrooms does it have? What is under the house?

24 February 2009

Dave in America - 10 - Visiting the pizza place where I worked 40 years ago

My first job, forty years ago, was making pizzas. Visit with me the place where I used to work. What do I say about Toyotas?

Dave in America - 9 - Denny's, a family restaurant

How much do you know about American culture? What is a "family restaurant"? Do you think you would like it? Watch this video to learn about one of America's most popular family restaurants.

02 February 2009

Dave in America - 8 - My sister Lauren talks about the Super Bowl, her cat and you!

Meet Lauren, my sister. She talks about the "Super Bowl". Do you know what that is? She also talks about her cat. What does she say?

[Ten days after making this video, Feb.12, Lauren passed away. We miss her. Dave, Feb.16]