01 March 2009

Dave in America - 12 - Something strange looking happens to the car

Something strange looking happens to the car. Can you guess what it is?

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26 February 2009

Dave in America - 11 - Visiting the house where I grew up

This is the house where I grew up. What bad things did I do there? How many bedrooms does it have? What is under the house?

24 February 2009

Dave in America - 10 - Visiting the pizza place where I worked 40 years ago

My first job, forty years ago, was making pizzas. Visit with me the place where I used to work. What do I say about Toyotas?

Dave in America - 9 - Denny's, a family restaurant

How much do you know about American culture? What is a "family restaurant"? Do you think you would like it? Watch this video to learn about one of America's most popular family restaurants.

02 February 2009

Dave in America - 8 - My sister Lauren talks about the Super Bowl, her cat and you!

Meet Lauren, my sister. She talks about the "Super Bowl". Do you know what that is? She also talks about her cat. What does she say?

[Ten days after making this video, Feb.12, Lauren passed away. We miss her. Dave, Feb.16]

28 January 2009

Dave in America - 7 - Dangerous weather for driving

Some days it's dangerous to drive your car. Today there were over 200 accidents because of the snowy icy roads! This is something that we have to live with here.

Our newspaper says: "The Michigan State Police dispatch center reported 210 road accidents since midnight Tuesday. A mix of freezing temperatures and consistent snowfall that picked up right before the morning rush hour made it difficult for road crews to hit heavy-traffic areas, leaving drivers to make the best of crowded, slow-moving freeways."

Watch the video. What was I supposed to do this morning that was cancelled because of the snow?

27 January 2009

Dave In America - 6 - Dave in America

Here I am in America standing in front of my mother's house. It's Detroit. It's cold! It's FREEZING!

Dave In America - 5 - Where does the drug store keep the aspirin?

Asprin is the most common medicine in America. It's used when you have headaches, toothaches or other minor pains. It's always interesting to me where the American drug stores or pharmacies keep the asperin.

Since it's the most common medicine in America, do they keep it near the door to make it easier for customers?

Watch this video to find out where they keep it. Why do you think they keep it there?

25 January 2009

Dave In America - 4 - Houses are cheaper than cars!

My cousin Kim talks about a house she bought. It is so cheap! How much did it cost? Can you believe that? How much is she planning on paying to fix it up?

Dave In America - 3 - Mom talks to my students

My mother was real interested in talking to you so she says a few words about herself and about Detroit. Watch her video. What does she say about herself? What does she say about the situation in Detroit?

23 January 2009

Dave In America - 2 - Patrick tells a story about Detroit

Downtown Detroit is a scary city. There has been a lot of crime there. I am actually from the suburbs of Detroit, not the downtown area. All Detroiters are wary of the downtown area.

Patrick, a friend of my mother, tells a story about a time he was in Detroit and afraid. Watch the video. You won't understand every word but do you understand the basic things that Patrick and his brother did?

Dave In America - 1 - Making friends on the plane

With my family we watched Obama's inauguration until about midnight. Afterward I finished my packing and left the house about 4:00 in the morning. I took the Clifford bus to the Garden Hotel, a taxi to Tienhe where I got an airport bus to the airport. My plane left Guangzhou at 8:30 AM and arrived in Tokyo at 1:40 PM (Japan time).

PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH: Sitting next to me were a couple guys I made friends with. Watch the video to learn how easy it is to make friends with people on the plane. Can you understand what we were talking about? Where do they live? What do they do? Their English was great. Practice your English by listening to them. Could you talk to people and make friends in the same way?

I got on another plane, a big 747-400 that holds about 400 people and we took off at 2:30 PM.

Sitting next to me was a cute little girl, 10 months old. I made friends with her and her daddy. See the photo above.

After a long flight arrived in Detroit at 12:30 PM. Altogether, the trip took about 17 hours.

Dave In America

I have been living outside of America for over 30 years and rarely make trips to America so each trip is interesting to see how things have changed and how things are different from where I'm living.

I am currently in the USA for a short visit and I will post some video news about my visit. You can watch these videos and they will help your English.