01 March 2009

Dave in America - 12 - Something strange looking happens to the car

Something strange looking happens to the car. Can you guess what it is?

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  1. Dear Dave,

    Long time no see.Did you had a good holiday?
    I had saw your 'Dave In America Videos'.Well...your hometown is very beautiful,and I have never been there before.In here I knew that manythings and lives are very different between China and America,like this big car wash machine.In China are also wash by 'hand'.

    And it's late now,I have to sleep now.See ya!

    Best Wish!
    Little Bing

  2. Dear Dave,

    Hope evrything goes well with you. It is realy a long time haven't seen you.

    having seen so many videos about your life in America , I learned that the life stlye between China and America is very different.
    such as the food ,drive , car wash etc.
    In china ,we wash the car by hand, not by a big car wash machine ,it is so covenient and high-tech.also looks so a funny machine.

    good luck

    hope to see you again soon.

    best regards


  3. At the begining I think was terrible, maybe was a moster, but finally I knew you was just washing your car! Funny

  4. Hello:
    Dave , i think your were watching your car in that vidio.. Is that right?