28 January 2009

Dave in America - 7 - Dangerous weather for driving

Some days it's dangerous to drive your car. Today there were over 200 accidents because of the snowy icy roads! This is something that we have to live with here.

Our newspaper says: "The Michigan State Police dispatch center reported 210 road accidents since midnight Tuesday. A mix of freezing temperatures and consistent snowfall that picked up right before the morning rush hour made it difficult for road crews to hit heavy-traffic areas, leaving drivers to make the best of crowded, slow-moving freeways."

Watch the video. What was I supposed to do this morning that was cancelled because of the snow?


  1. hello,Dave
    How are you.
    I am happy to receive your e-mail and see your vedio.
    Em,I think you said you having an appointment to meet a woman about business but she canceled it because of the snowing condition.
    By the way, I am going to graduate from college, and your are one of my best teacher in the college!
    I hope you everything will goes well.
    Have a good vacation.

    Best Regards,

  2. yes,i cannot agree with you more!so take more care of driving, my dear sir!

    papamama always teach that do not do sth. dangerous in the car when u r driving,,such as taking a video..^_^

    thanks for always sharing your daily life to us! i really appreciate and enjoy this way to learn English. there is no better than learning one kind of languages by combining its culture and environment, is there?

    you are a excellent educator, undoubtedly!

    best wishes for your new year! and Hope for meeting you again in China.

    yEt Chan

  3. Hi,Mr. Dave. It is so nice snow (never has snow in Guangzhou). Thank you very much and look forward to meeting you again.


  4. Hi,Dave.How are you?
    How heavy the snow is!It must very cold in America now.I hope it is a good day today.Please take care of yourself and have a good vocation!

    Best wishes,